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CLASSIC 2.0 - Display Case for Funko Pops, Wall Mountable & Stackable Toy Shelf, Cardboard

Display Geek


CLASSIC Displays are deep and made to hold 5 per row with the box stored behind it. They are three rows so they hold 15 total Out of Box. You can also put them 4 across per row to hold 12 inside. Don't forget more can go on top. Please refer to the photos to see what I mean.

  • Note: Displays cannot be shipped to a PO Box due to their size.
  • Note: Toys not included.
  • Running out of room for your Funko Pops? We can fix it!
  • The original ECO friendly solution for displaying your collection.
  • Made of thick corrugated cardboard.
  • Superior Strength. (3x stronger than our previous products)
  • Easy to Build. (5 minute build time | Video available)
  • Wall Mountable. (Recommended: #8 x 1" Flat Head Screws)
  • Stackable for the serious collector. (Should be attached to the wall. Push together nice and tight.)
  • Measures 21.75 in. high x 21.25 in. wide x 7.5 in. deep.
  • Fits Soft Protectors inside with small gaps in between. (Pop Stacks can go on top.) Works best with Display Geek Protectors.
  • We DO NOT recommend nails, thumb tacks or double sided tape. Some customers have used Command Strips but we do not like to recommend that because hey need to be secure and pushed together tight for best results.
  • We are the original creator of displays specifically for Funko products and have been part of the community for a decade. Accept no copycats.

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