TOTAL DONATED: $173,500 SINCE 2015

We are SO PROUD of what we have accomplished and we try to give back whenever we can! Here are some of the charities we have donated to over the years.

OVER $2,000+

We donate $1 from bulk orders to CRI monthly. So far we have donated over $2,000!!!



We used to be a drop off location for Funko Pops at our shop. We would work with PopsForPatients to donate them to different organizations.

350+ Pops have been donated to Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego
500+ Pops have been donated Spirit of Sharing
100+ Pops have been donated San Diego Center for Children

2020: OVER $49,000+

2021: OVER $67,000+

2022: OVER $46,000+

We worked with Sully and the Nerds Unite Team of Twitch streamers to raise a TON of money for Extra Life. With the help of Funko COF Mike Becker, we donated a lot of prizes through auctions and donations.