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Standard Shipping

Displays: UPS Ground Standard Shipping & Handling within the contiguous 48 states* We CANNOT accept PO BOXES for Display orders. The cost to ship them USPS is incredibly high.

Protectors & Toys: USPS First Class & Priority.

International: We no longer Ship Outside the USA due to fraud, unexpected customs fees & incorrect shipping calculations. However, you can use a US reshipper company and have a US address.

  • Most standard shipments should arrive in 1 to 6 business days depending upon routing and the distance from the west coast.
  • Orders outside the lower 48 states will have an extra charge at checkout. Includes Alaska and Hawaii. (Returns WILL NOT be accepted on anything outside of the contiguous 48 states)
  • USPS is used on some small orders in cases where shipping is cheaper and product arrival is quicker than UPS.
  • We are no longer shipping International. There has been a large amount of fraudulent orders, unexpected customs fees, and incorrect shipping calculations. It is no longer going to be an option until we have fulfillment in other countries. I apologize for this but we have to protect ourselves more. It was not an easy decision to make but I don't seem to have a choice.

Sales Tax

Display Geek, Inc. is required to charge applicable state and local tax on every item shipped to an address in California. In order to obtain Tax Exempt status for orders shipped in the State of California, we must first receive a completed State of California Resale Card by mail or e-mail. We will then setup your account to be tax exempt.

Disclaimer for Collectibles

Please read each product very carefully and pay attention to box condition in the title. For example *7/10 box* means there could be a few minor dings. *8/10 box* means minimal dings. If nothing is listed, product is in great shape.

By placing your order with Display Geek, Inc. you understand and accept these terms and conditions.

Returning your Item

You have up to 30 days to return an item, but it must be returned in mint condition. Please email our support department at and one of our customer service reps will assist you with your return/or exchange promptly. Items must be returned to us for a refund. Once the displays are built we cannot refund you for them unless you let us know why you are returning them.

I ordered the wrong display:

Due to frequent mistakes on large orders, we are no longer paying for any returns on display cases if you order 3 or more. We cannot afford these mistakes and due to the size of the boxes they are expensive to correct. Please read about the products thoroughly before placing a large order in the future.

I did not know they were cardboard:

I did not know they were cardboard will no longer be a valid reason. This is the most common issue we face. Please read about the products thoroughly before placing an order in the future. We have the materials in the title, description, and even the images. We are incredibly transparent about what we make.

Limited Items:

Many items are limited and cannot be returned or refunded. We will however evaluate the situation and always be fair and easy to work with.

Restocking Fee:

We have also added a restocking fee of 10% because we have to pay receivers to document, check and restock returns.

Questions or concerns
Please contact us at:

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Headquarters : San Diego, CA

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