POP RIDES MISSING Pop Protectors for Funko (50mm thick)

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Need help finding the right protector?

Visit our POP PROTECTOR GUIDE to see our up to date fitting guide. We are always working on updating this guide.

EXAMPLE: If you are buying a protector for a Movie Moment and the link takes you to a Pop Town, that protector is CORRECT. Movie Moments vary in size. Trust the links.

IMPORTANT: If you have the product in your hand, please give us EXACT measurments and we can verify a protector for you if we have it.


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BOX SIZE: Please measure the box EXACTLY and email us the measurements to displaygeekinc@gmail.com (images with measuring tape preferred) It may fit something we have already or it may be a new size completely. We need your help to keep our database complete.


  • Ahsoka Tano in Delta 7 Jedi Starfighter #638 (Pop Rides)
  • Anakin in Naboo Starfighter (Pop Rides)
  • Bert #299 (Pop Rides)  6.125h x 7.75w x 4.5d
  • Carol Danvers on Motorcycle #57 (Pop Rides)
  • Crash Bandicoot Crash Team Racing #64 (Pop Rides)
  • Cruella in Car #61 (Pop Rides)
  • Darth Vader with Tie Fighter #176 (Pop Rides) 7h x 5.5w x 5d
  • Deadpool On Scooter #48 (Pop Rides)
  • Deadpool On Unicorn #36 (Pop Rides)
  • Dumbo The Flying Elephant Attraction with Minnie Mouse #92 (Pop Rides)
  • Dumbo with Timothy #281 (Pop Rides)  6h X 5.5w X 5d
  • ECTO-1 Red with Slimer SDCC #24 (Pop Rides)
  • ECTO-1 with Jillian Holtzmann #23 (Pop Rides)  7h X 10.25w X 7d
  • Elastigirl On Elasticycle #45 (Pop Rides)
  • Elsa Riding Nokk #74 (Pop Rides)
  • First Order Tread Speeder #320 (Pop Rides)
  • Gandalf On Gwaihir #72 (Pop Rides)
  • Gizmo in Red Car #71 (Pop Rides)
  • Goat Boat with Thor, Toothgnasher & Toothgrinder #290 (Pop Rides)  7.25h X 13.5w X 7d
  • Han Solo in The Millennium Falcon (Pop Rides)
  • Harry Dunne in Mutt Cutts Van #96 (Pop Rides)
  • Harry, Hermione & Ron Riding Gringotts Dragon #93 (Pop Rides)
  • Hawkman in Cruiser #286 (Pop Rides)
  • Hera Syndulla in X-Wing Starfighter #642 (Pop Rides)
  • Hercules & Pegasus #43 (Pop Rides)  8.25h x 8.5w x 7d
  • Indiana Jones & Henry Jones Sr on Bike #118 (Pop Rides)
  • Jack Skellington in Snowmobile #104 (Pop Rides) 7.25h x 9.5w x 7d
  • Jeff Gordon Driving Rainbow Warrior #283 (Pop Rides)
  • Jon Snow & Rhaegal #67 (Pop Rides)
  • Lando Calrissian in The Millennium Falcon (Pop Rides) 11h x 13.3125w x 15.625d
  • Lloyd Christmas on Bicycle #95 (Pop Rides)
  • Luke in T-47 Airspeeder (Pop Rides)
  • Luke Skywalker with Speeder #175 (Rides)
  • Luke Skywalker with X-Wing #232 (Pop Rides) 7.75h X 10w X 7.5d
  • Mary Poppins #300 (Pop Rides)
  • Merryn with S.S. Eirnin #18 (Pop Rides)
  • Mickey Mouse One: Walt’s Plane - Pilot Mickey in the Mouse (Pop Rides)  7h x 10w x 7d
  • Minnie Mouse on Prince Charming Regal Carrousel #1251 (Pop Rides)
  • Moana on Sailboat #1323 (Pop Rides)
  • Mr. Toad's Wild Ride Attraction #89 (Pop Rides)
  • Mulan Riding Khan #76 (Pop Rides)
  • Peter Pan's Flight Attraction #94 (Pop Rides)
  • Phooeymobile ECCC #29 (Pop Rides)
  • Poe Dameron with X-Wing #227 (Pop Rides) 7.75h X 10w X 7.5d
  • Queen Rhaenyra on Syrax (Pop Rides)
  • Selina Kyle on Motorcycle #281 (Pop Rides)
  • Share Bear with Cloud Mobile #85 (Pop Rides)
  • Sheriff Deadpool Riding Horsey #99 (Pop Rides)
  • Shuri in Sunbird #110 (Pop Rides)
  • Speed Racer with the Mach 5 #75 (Pop Rides)
  • Spider-Man With Spider-Mobile #51 (Pop Rides)
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin with Ice Machine #122 (Pop Rides)
  • Supreme Leader Kylo Ren in the Whisper #321 (Pop Rides)
  • Sweet Tooth & Ice Cream Truck #91 (Pop Rides)
  • The Red One #35 (Pop Rides)
  • The Witcher - Geralt and Roach #108 (Pop Rides)
  • Tie Fighter Pilot with Tie Fighter #221 (Pop Rides)
  • Treasure Planet - Jim Hawkins CCXP #291 (Pop Rides)  6.25h X 8w X 4.6d
  • U2 - Zoo TV Bono with Achtung Baby Car #293 (Pop Rides)
  • Wakanda Forever - Namor with Orca #116 (Pop Rides)
  • Wedge Antilles with Snow Speeder #219 (Pop Rides)
  • Wienermobile #97 (Pop Rides)
  • Wonder Woman on Pegasus #280 (Pop Rides)
  • Zim & Gir on The Pig #41 (Pop Rides)  9.5h x 7.25w x 7d

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