POP VHS & GAME COVERS Pop Protectors for Funko (50mm Thick, UV & Scratch Resistant) 8.75h x 6.75w x 3.25d

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BOX SIZE: 8.75" Height x 6.75" Width x 3.25" Deep

  • Protect your Pop VHS Covers & Game Covers Funko Pop Vinyl Toy Collection (Toys not included)
  • UV Protected & Scratch Resistant Acid-Free PET safe & recyclable 0.50 mm super thick crystal clear plastic with superior strength.
  • Transparent, Lightweight, Strong, Durable & Impact-resistant.
  • Individually wrapped with a protective film to avoid scratching during transport.
  • Super easy to assemble. Just turn the bottom & it snaps into place.
  • These are made and shipped by Kollector Protector.


  • A Goofy Movie - Goofy #04 (Pop VHS Covers)
  • Aladdin - Genie with Lamp #14 (Pop VHS Covers)
  • Assassin's Creed - Altair #901 (Pop Game Covers)
  • Beauty & the Beast - Belle #01 (Pop VHS Covers)
  • Christmas Vacation - Clark Griswold #13 (Pop VHS Covers)
  • Crash Bandicoot #06 (Pop Game Covers)
  • Diablo III - Dark Wanderer GITD #03 (Pop Game Covers)
  • Gremlins - Gizmo Flocked #16 (Pop VHS Covers)
  • Gryffindor #02 (Pop Cover)
  • Halloween - Michael Myers GITD #14 (Pop VHS Covers)
  • Halo - Master Chief #04 (Pop Game Covers)
  • Hercules #09 (Pop VHS Covers)
  • Killer Klowns - Rudy #15 (Pop VHS Covers)
  • Lilo & Stitch #08 (Pop VHS Covers)
  • Monsters Inc - Boo #17 (Pop VHS Covers)
  • One Piece - Ace #1291 (Pop Cover)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 #01 (Pop Game Covers)
  • The Aristocats #10 (Pop VHS Covers)
  • The Emperor’s New Groove - Kuzco #06 (Pop VHS Covers)
  • The Godfather - Vito Corleone #02 (Pop VHS Covers)
  • The Lion King - Simba on Pride Rock #03 (Pop VHS Covers)
  • The Little Mermaid - Ariel #12 (Pop VHS Covers)
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas - Jack Skellington #11 (Pop VHS Covers)
  • The Witcher - Geralt #02 (Pop Game Covers)
  • Toy Story - Woody #05 (Pop VHS Covers)
  • Winnie the Pooh #07 (Pop VHS Covers)


  • PLEASE READ: Please have a look at our other listings and read the fitting guide in the description before purchasing. If it is not listed in the description, do not purchase the item on a guess or assumption. Funko changes box sizes regularly. That is why we make sure to verify before we add them to the guide. Thank you.

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