POP & TEE Pop Protectors for Funko (50mm thick, UV & Scratch Resistant) 6.25h x 9w x 3.5d

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BOX SIZE: 6.25" Height x 9" Width x 3.5" Deep

NOTE: If used with T-Shirt Bundles it is best to remove the plastic. It can be a tight fit.

  • Fits Newer Pop & Tee. Protect your Funko Pop Vinyl Toy Collection
  • UV Protected & Scratch Resistant Acid-Free PET safe & recyclable 0.50 mm super thick crystal clear plastic with superior strength.
  • Transparent, Lightweight, Strong, Durable & Impact-resistant.
  • Individually wrapped with a protective film to avoid scratching during transport.
  • Super easy to assemble. Just turn the bottom & it snaps into place.
  • These are made and shipped by Kollector Protector.


  • Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit Flocked #1062 (Pop and Tee)
  • Attack on Titan - Eren Jaeger #1321 (Pop and Tee)
  • Balloon Foxy Flocked #907 (Pop and Tee)
  • Black Panther Blacklight #891 (Pop and Tee)
  • Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon Silver #1062 (Pop and Tee)
  • Captain America Art Series #36 (Pop and Tee)
  • Captain Marvel Diamond (Pop and Tee)
  • Corpse Bride - Emily Blacklight #1370 (Pop and Tee)
  • Demon Slayer - Rui GITD #1307 (Pop and Tee)
  • Demon Slayer - Tanjiro Kamado with Sword #867 (Pop and Tee)
  • Donald Duck Halloween Costume GITD #1220 (Pop and Tee)
  • Drax Blacklight #1243 (Pop and Tee)
  • E.T. with Candy #1266 (Pop and Tee)
  • Evil-Lyn GITD #86 (Pop and Tee)
  • FNAF Nightmare Freddy GITD (Pop and Tee)
  • Grogu with Cookie Flocked #465 (Pop and Tee)
  • Harry Potter - Dementor GITD #161 (Pop and Tee)
  • Holiday Stormtrooper Metallic (Pop and Tee)
  • Himiko Toga Unmasked #1029 (Pop and Tee)
  • Hobgoblin GITD (Pop and Tee)
  • Inosuke Hashibira Unmasked #1057 (Pop and Tee)
  • Kang GITD #1305 (Pop and Tee)
  • Kyoka Jiro with Microphone #1208 (Pop and Tee)
  • Majin Buu with Ice Cream #973 (Pop and Tee)
  • Majin Vegeta GITD #862 (Pop and Tee)
  • Marvin the Martian Metallic #1085 (Pop and Tee)
  • Mini Stay Puft on Fire GITD #936 (Pop and Tee) *protector slightly bigger*
  • Namor Metallic Green #1094 (Pop and Tee)
  • Orochimaru #729 (Pop and Tee)
  • Pain Akatsuki GITD #934 (Pop and Tee)
  • Princess Leia (Pop and Tee)
  • Rescue Blacklight #480 (Pop and Tee)
  • Roman Reigns Head of the Table #111 (Pop and Tee)
  • Seinfeld - Yev Kassem #1089 (Pop and Tee)
  • Spider-Man No Way Home Diamond #1138 (Pop and Tee)
  • Spot (Pop and Tee)
  • Stitch with Guitar Flocked (Pop and Tee)
  • Stranger Things - Eddie Munson Red (Pop and Tee)
  • Super Shredder Diamond #1138 (Pop and Tee)
  • The Joker Blacklight #370 (Pop and Tee)
  • The Joker with Megaphone 1989 Metallic #403 (Pop and Tee)
  • The Ronin #505 (Pop and Tee)
  • Toru Mutsuki #1154 (Pop and Tee)
  • Transformers - Optimus Prime (Pop and Tee)
  • Venom Eddie Brock Blacklight #869 (Pop and Tee)
  • Wolverine Blacklight #802 (Pop and Tee)


  • PLEASE READ: Please have a look at our other listings and read the fitting guide in the description before purchasing. If it is not listed in the description, do not purchase the item on a guess or assumption. Funko changes box sizes regularly. That is why we make sure to verify before we add them to the guide. Thank you.

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