POP MOMENTS MISSING Pop Protectors for Funko (50mm thick)

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Need help finding the right protector?

Visit our POP PROTECTOR GUIDE to see our up to date fitting guide. We are always working on updating this guide.

EXAMPLE: If you are buying a protector for a Movie Moment and the link takes you to a Pop Town, that protector is CORRECT. Movie Moments vary in size. Trust the links.

IMPORTANT: If you have the product in your hand, please give us EXACT measurments and we can verify a protector for you if we have it.


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BOX SIZE: Please measure the box EXACTLY and email us the measurements to displaygeekinc@gmail.com (images with measuring tape preferred) It may fit something we have already or it may be a new size completely. We need your help to keep our database complete.


  • A Lesson in the Force Celebration (Movie Moment)
  • Aladdin's First Wish (Movie Moments)
  • Ariel with Eric Statue (Pop Moment)
  • Banquet Room Ghostbusters (Movie Moments)
  • Batman & Robin New Look Batman 1964 (Comic Moments)
  • Batman vs the Joker 1989 (Movie Moments)
  • Boba Gets His Bounty (Movie Moments)
  • Captain America vs Thanos (Movie Moments)
  • Carl and Ellie Holding Hands #1338 (Pop Moment)
  • Clash on the Supremacy Kylo (Movie Moments)
  • Clash on the Supremacy Rey (Movie Moments)
  • Eleven & Demogorgon (TV Moments)
  • Finding Your Voice (Movie Moments)
  • Balrog vs Gandalf (Pop Moment)
  • Hakuna Matata #1313 (Pop Moment)
  • Harry Potter Entering Platform 9 3/4 (Movie Moments)
  • Hook & Tick-Tock (Movie Moments)
  • Hulkbuster vs Hulk NYCC (Movie Moments)
  • Inuyasha vs Sesshomaru (Anime Moments)
  • Jack on Angel Statue (Movie Moments) 10h X 7.5w X 5.75d
  • Jurassic World Claire with Flare (Pop Moment) 7.75h X 10.25w X 5.25d
  • Magic Carpet Ride (Movie Moments)
  • Meruem Vs. Komugi (Pop Moment)
  • Rapunzel and Flynn #1324 (Pop Moment)
  • Rematch on the Supremacy (Movie Moment)
  • Steve & Demodog (TV Moments)
  • The Sanderson Sisters with Cauldron (Movie Moments)
  • Thor vs Thanos (Movie Moments)
  • Tiana and Naveen #1322 (Pop Moment)
  • Trash Compactor Escape (Movie Moments)
  • Under The Moonlight Nightmare (Movie Moments)
  • Whiplash vs Iron Man (Movie Moments)
  • WWE Wrestling Ring - Bret Hit Man Hart and Shawn Michaels (Pop Moment)
  • WWE Wrestling Ring - John Cena and The Rock (Pop Moment)

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