ODD SIZE MISSING Pop Protectors for Funko (0.50mm thick)

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Pop & Tee Protectors

  • Aang with Momo GITD #534 (Pop and Tee)
  • Ahsoka GITD (Pop and Tee)
  • Alien as Buzz Lightyear GITD (Pop and Tee)
  • Anti-Venom Eddie Brock GITD #401 (Pop and Tee)
  • Aquaman Jim Lee Black & White #254 (Pop and Tee)
  • Back to the Future - Doc with Helmet GITD #959 (Pop and Tee)
  • Back to the Future - Marty with Hoverboard #964 (Pop and Tee)  8.25h x 6.5w x 3.625d
  • Batman Hush Jim Lee Black & White #239 (Pop and Tee)
  • Boba Fett Metallic #462 (Pop and Tee)
  • Bugs Bunny as Fred Jones Flocked (Pop and Tee)
  • Catwoman Jim Lee Black & White #269 (Pop and Tee)
  • Chuck Norris Uzis #673 (Pop and Tee)
  • Cyclops GITD (Pop and Tee)
  • Death Watch Mandalorian No Stripes #561 (Pop and Tee)
  • Electro GITD #1164 (Pop and Tee)
  • Fawkes GITD (Pop and Tee)
  • Forrest Gump with Ping Pong Paddle Blue #770 (Pop and Tee)
  • Fortnite - Ragnarok GITD #465 (Pop and Tee)
  • Friends - Friendsgiving Monica Geller with Turkey Metallic #706 (Pop and Tee)
  • Frieza (Pop and Tee)
  • Harley Quinn in Ripped Dress Diamond #1111 (Pop and Tee)
  • He-Man GITD #991 (Pop and Tee)
  • Hedwig (Pop and Tee)
  • IG-11 with The Child #427 (Pop and Tee)
  • Infinity Killmonger Blacklight (Pop and Tee)
  • Jack Skellington Master of Fright GITD #808 (Pop and Tee)
  • Kakashi Hatake Lightning Blade GITD #822 (Pop and Tee)
  • Madara Uchiha Reanimation #722 (Pop and Tee)
  • Moff Gideon GITD #380 (Pop and Tee)
  • Scary Terry Blacklight #300 (Pop and Tee)
  • Sheriff Woody Metallic (Pop and Tee)
  • Shota Aizawa Metallic #375 (Pop and Tee)
  • Shuri GITD #876 (Pop and Tee)
  • Spider-Man Blacklight #652 (Pop and Tee)
  • Spongebob Squarepants Band Diamond #561 (Pop and Tee)
  • Stormtrooper Chrome #296 (Pop and Tee)
  • Superman in Holiday Sweater Flocked #353 (Pop and Tee)
  • Superman Jim Lee Black & White #278 (Pop and Tee)
  • Teen Wolf - Scott Howard Flocked #772 (Pop and Tee)
  • Thanos Blacklight #909 (Pop and Tee)
  • The Flash Jim Lee Black & White #268 (Pop and Tee)
  • The Flash Running Metallic #713 (Pop and Tee)
  • The Joker DCeased Blacklight #480 (Pop and Tee)
  • The Joker Hush Jim Lee Black & White #240 (Pop and Tee)
  • The Lion King - Mufasa Flocked #495 (Pop and Tee) 8.25h x 6.25w x 3.5d
  • The Noid GITD #17 Pop (Pop and Tee)
  • Trigun - Vash the Stampede with Donuts #1367 (Pop and Tee)
  • Twinkie the Kid Metallic #31 (Pop and Tee)
  • Vegeta Windy Saiyan Prince Metallic #614 (Pop and Tee)
  • Venomized Groot GITD (Pop and Tee)
  • Wakanda Forever - Ironheart MK1 GITD #1095 (Pop and Tee)
  • Wolverine Metallic #547 (Pop and Tee)
  • Wonder Woman Jim Lee Black & White #282 (Pop and Tee)

Pocket Pop & Tee Protectors

  • Alien as Buzz Lightyear (Pocket Pop and Tee)
  • Aloha Summer Stitch (Pocket Pop and Tee)
  • Astromech Droid (Pocket Pop and Tee)
  • Captain America (Pocket Pop and Tee)
  • Dragon Ball Z - Goku with Kamehameha, Master Roshi Peace Sign, Shenron & Vegeta 4 Pack (Pocket Pop and Tee)  3.25h X 8w X 1.75d
  • Harry Potter - Dobby (Pocket Pop and Tee)
  • Harry Potter - Harry (Pocket Pop and Tee)
  • Imagination Spongebob with Rainbow (Pocket Pop and Tee)
  • Sonic with Ring (Pocket Pop and Tee)
  • Spider-Man Blacklight (Pocket Pop and Tee)
  • TMNT Mutant Mayhem - Michelangelo Blacklight (Pocket Pop and Tee)

Pop Boxed Tee Protectors

  • Demon Slayer - Shinobu (Pop Boxed Tees)
  • Grogu with Rancor (Pop Boxed Tees)
  • Jujutsu Kaisen - Yuii Itadori & Aoi Todo (Pop Boxed Tees)
  • My Hero Academia - Himiko Toga (Pop Boxed Tees)
  • My Hero Academia - Shoto Todoroki (Pop Boxed Tees)
  • Naruto Uzumaki & Pain Tendo (Pop Boxed Tees)
  • One Piece - Luffy (Pop Boxed Tees)
  • Oswald the Rabbit (Pop Boxed Tees)
  • Snoop Dogg (Pop Boxed Tees)
  • Spider-Man Holiday Sweater (Pop Boxed Tees)
  • Thor Mech Suit (Pop Boxed Tees)
  • USWNT Caterina Macario 20 (Pop Boxed Tees)
  • USWNT Rose Lavelle 16 (Pop Boxed Tees)
  • WWE The Rock with Belt (Pop Boxed Tees)
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! - Red-Eyes B. Dragon (Pop Boxed Tees)
  • Zero with Candy Bone (Pop Boxed Tees)

Pop! Covers Protectors

  • Boba Fett #04 (Pop Comic Covers)
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi #03 (Pop Comic Covers)
  • The Last Ronin #07 (Pop Comic Covers) 11h X 7.125w X 3.4d **NEW SIZE**

Pop! Movie Poster Protectors

  • Indiana Jones #30 (Pop Movie Posters) 17.25h x 11.25w x 6.75d
  • Star Wars - Luke Skywalker with R2-D2 #02 (Pop Movie Posters) 17.25h x 11.25w x 6.75d

Pop! Classics Protectors

  • Batman #01C (Pop Classics) 7.5h x 5.875w x 4.75d
  • Captain America NYCC #06C (Pop Classics) 7.5h x 5.875w x 4.75d
  • Darth Vader (Pop Classics)
  • Jack Skellington #15C (Pop Classics) 7.5h x 5.875w x 4.75d
  • Lotso #13C (Pop Classics)  7.5h x 5.875w x 4.75d
  • Maleficent (Pop Classics)  7.5h x 5.875w x 4.75d
  • Mickey Mouse #01C (Pop Classics) 7.5h x 5.875w x 4.75d
  • Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer #03C (Pop Classics) 7.5h x 5.875w x 4.75d
  • Spider-Man SDCC #03C (Pop Classics) 7.5h x 5.875w x 4.75d
  • The Joker #06C (Pop Classics) 7.5h x 5.875w x 4.75d

Funko Force 2.0 Protectors

  • Batgirl Black (Funko Force 2.0 Clamshell)  8.75h x 5.75w x 5d
  • Batman Blue (Funko Force 2.0 Clamshell)  8.75h x 5.75w x 5d
  • Batman Blue Metallic (Funko Force 2.0 Clamshell)  8.75h x 5.75w x 5d
  • Green Lantern GITD (Funko Force 2.0 Clamshell)  8.75h x 5.75w x 5d

      Pop! Mugs Protectors

      • Stitch #1045 (Pop Mugs)

        Snaps! Protectors

        • FNAF Bonnie (Snaps)
        • FNAF Foxy (Snaps)
        • FNAF Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Storage Carrying Case (Snaps)
        • FNAF Glamrock Freddy (Snaps)
        • FNAF Glamrock Freddy with Dressing Room (Snaps)
        • FNAF Golden Freddy with Stage (Snaps)
        • FNAF Montgomery Gator and Glamrock Chica (Snaps 2 Pack)
        • FNAF Montgomery Gator with Dressing Room (Snaps)
        • FNAF Phantom Foxy (Snaps)
        • FNAF Toy Bonnie and Baby (Snaps 2 Pack)
        • FNAF Vanessa with Hallway (Snaps)
        • FNAF Vanny (Snaps)

          Other Odd Size Protectors

          • Adam Bomb Giant Size (Odd Size)
          • Advent Calendar
          • Ariel, Snow White, & Aurora (Pop Minis 3 Pack)
          • BB-8 Gold Dome (Odd Size) 9.5h X 7.5w X 7.5d
          • BT21 (7 Pack)
          • BTS (7 Pack)  12.5h x13w x 3d
          • Clark Griswold & Cousin Eddie 2 Pack (Pop Pins)
          • Dark Side Gift Set GITD
          • DC Primal Age
          • DC Valentine's Day 4 Pack (Pocket Pop)
          • Donald Duck Pop, Mickey Mouse Mini, Stitch Keychain (Pop Combo Pack)
          • Dumpster Fire
          • Elf Holiday 4 Pack (Pocket Pop)
          • Experiment 626 Dome Stitch (Odd Size)
          • Five 5 Star
          • Freddy Funko Jumbo Chan Classic #01 (Jumbo Chan)
          • Freddy Funko Polystone Bangkok Comic Con Shirt (Odd Size)
          • Freddy Funko Polystone Pop Asia Shirt (Odd Size)
          • Fun on the Run - Freddy Funko with Proto (Wacky Wobbler)
          • Fun on the Run Box 2023
          • Giant Sulley & Boo SDCC (9 Inch) 11.125h X 8.5w X 8.5d
          • Gold Series 5 inch
          • Gold Series 12 inch
          • Gold Series - Superbowl Kansas City Chiefs (4 Pack)
          • Hallmark Specialty Ornaments (Standard)
          • Han Solo and The Millennium Falcon (Bitty Pop Rides)
          • Harry Potter and Hogwarts Express (Bitty Pop Rides)
          • Hello Kitty Flocked Blue SDCC
          • Hello Kitty Flocked Green SDCC
          • Hello Kitty Flocked Orange SDCC
          • Hello Kitty Flocked Pink SDCC
          • Hello Kitty Flocked Purple SDCC
          • Hello Kitty Frankenstein (5 inch)
          • Hello Kitty Frankenstein GITD (5 inch)
          • Hello Kitty Metallic Bow (5 inch)
          • Hello Kitty Mummy (5 inch)
          • Hello Kitty Mummy GITD (5 inch)
          • Hello Kitty KISS The Catman 6.5h x 5w x 4d
          • Hello Kitty KISS The Demon 6.5h x 5w x 4d
          • Hello Kitty KISS The Spaceman 6.5h x 5w x 4d
          • Hello Kitty KISS The Starchild 6.5h x 5w x 4d
          • Hello Kitty Uglydoll Ice-Bat (5 inch)
          • Hello Kitty Zombie (5 inch)
          • Hello Kitty Zombie GITD (5 inch)
          • Hikari
          • Holiday Ariel (Pop Minis)
          • Holiday Batman (Pop Minis)
          • Holiday Maleficent (Pop Minis)
          • Holiday Spider-Man (Pop Minis)
          • Infinity Gauntlet Dome (Odd Size)
          • Jack Skellington and Zero (Hallmark Specialty Ornaments)
          • Killer Klowns Blacklight Collector Box (Odd Size)
          • Light Side Gift Set
          • Manga Book Standard Size 7.5h X 5w X 0.5d
          • Mankind Collector's Lunch Box (Odd Size)
          • Peanuts - Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy & Linus (Pop Minis 4 Pack)
          • Peanuts - Snoopy Rock the Vote (Pop Minis 3 Pack)
          • Peter Pan Diamond Edition Blu-Ray & DVD Exclusive Gift Set (Pop Minis)
          • Pickle Rick Action Figure (Odd Size) 8.5h x 8.5w x 3.25d
          • Play & Collect Jango Fett with Nintendo DS LEGO Game (Odd Size) 8.5h x 11.5w x 3.25d
          • Pocket Pop Eggs
          • Popsies
          • Freddy Big Boy #01 (Project Fred)
          • Freddy Coca-Cola #02 (Project Fred)
          • Freddy Sprite #03 (Project Fred)
          • R2-D2 Gold Dome (Odd Size) 
          • Rogue One - Jyn Erso, Captain Cassian Andor, K-2SO, C2-B5, Director Orson Krennic, Darth Vader, Scarif Stormtrooper & Imperial Death Trooper (8 Pack)
          • Soda 3 Liter
          • Something Wild!
          • Snoopy Flocked ECCC (Pop Minis 4 Pack)
          • Spider-Man Homecoming with Blu-ray #259 (Odd Size)
          • Spider-Man No Way Home - Spider-Man, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man, Doc Ock, Electro, Green Goblin, The Lizard & Sandman (8 Pack) 12.5h X 19.75w X 3.5d
          • Spider-Man Metallic with Blu-ray Japan LE 1,000 (Odd Size)
          • The Cousins RV (Hallmark Specialty Ornaments)
          • The Disney Pixar Collection - Buzz Lightyear, Remy, Wall-E & Carl D23 #01 (Pop Minis 4 Pack)
          • The Nightmare Before Christmas Holiday 4 Pack (Pocket Pop)
          • Vinyl Vixens
          • Wacky Wobbler 8h x 3.75w x 3.75d
          • Wetmore Forest - Winter Series Flocked (6 Pack)
          • Yu-Gi-Oh! - Winged Kuriboh (Pocket Pop Keychain)

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