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MOVIE MOMENT Pop Protectors for Funko (50mm thick) 7.5h x 10w x 5.75d

Kollector Protector

BOX SIZE: 7.5" Height x 10" Width x 5.75" Deep

  • Protect your Pop Movie Moments (Toys not included)
  • Made from Acid-Free PET safe & recyclable 0.50 mm super thick crystal clear plastic.
  • Transparent, Lightweight, Strong, Durable & Impact-resistant.
  • Individually wrapped with a protective film to avoid scratching during transport.
  • Super easy to assemble. Just turn the bottom & it snaps into place.
  • These are made and shipped by Kollector Protector.


  • Battle of Fallen Angels (Movie Moments)
  • Beetlejuice with Dante's Inferno Room (Movie Moments)
  • Big Boy with Restaurant (Movie Moments)
  • Cantina Faceoff (Movie Moments)
  • Cloud City Duel (Movie Moments)
  • Dagobah Face-Off (Movie Moments)
  • Deadpool vs Cable (Movie Moments)
  • Death Star Duel (Movie Moments)
  • Demonic Pennywise & Funhouse (Movie Moments)
  • Dr. Peter Venkman with Firehouse (Movie Moments)
  • Duel On Mustafar (Movie Moments)
  • Encounter on Endor (Movie Moments)
  • Escape Pod Landing (Movie Moments)
  • Fred Flintstone and Flintstone's Home (Movie Moments)
  • Hulk Smashing Loki (Movie Moments)
  • Jack Skellington & Jack's House (Movie Moments)
  • Lock, Shock & Barrel (Movie Moments)
  • Pennywise in Gutter (Movie Moments)
  • Red Skull vs Captain America (Movie Moments)
  • Scooby-Doo & Haunted Mansion (Movie Moments)
  • Sleeping Beauty Castle and Mickey Mouse (Movie Moments)
  • Sleeping Beauty Castle and Walt Disney (Holding Mickey Mouse) (Movie Moments)
  • Spongebob with Gary & Pineapple House (Movie Moments)

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