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DEEP 3PACK Pop Protectors for 4 in. Funko Vinyl Collectible Figures, 50mm thick (UV & Scratch Resistant)

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  • Fits New Deep 3 Packs. Protect your 3 Pack 4 in. Funko Pop Vinyl Toy Collection (Toys not included)
  • UV Protected & Scratch Resistant Acid-Free PET safe & recyclable 0.50 mm super thick crystal clear plastic with superior strength.
  • Transparent, Lightweight, Strong, Durable & Impact-resistant.
  • Individually wrapped with a protective film to avoid scratching during transport.
  • Super easy to assemble. Just turn the bottom & it snaps into place.

SIZE: 10" length x 4.5" deep x 6.5" height

FITS: Haunted Mansion Chrome 3pk | Splash Mountain 3pk | Sailor Moon 3pk | Wrinkle in Time 3pk | and more

DOES NOT FIT: Rosie Robot 3pk | Drogon, Rhaegal & Viserion | Khal, Khaleesi & Rhaegal | MLP | Jack, Sulley & Oogie | Harry Potter, Ron Weasley & Hermione Granger | Mahna Mahna & Snowths | Angel, Buffy & Spike | Sam, Dean & Crowley (Both Versions) | Bill Compton, Sookie Steakhouse & Eric Northman | Michonne & Pets | Seahawks "Legion of Boom" | Stitch, Scrump & Angel | Superman Chrome 3pk | Greedo Hammerhead Walrus 3pk | Kingdom Hearts Tron 3pk | Chrome Wonder Woman 3pk | Imperial Guards 3pk | Red Squadron 3pk | Rampage 3pk | Sailor Moon 3pk | Game of Thrones Dragons ECCC 2020 3pk | Rice Krispies 3pk | David S. Pumpkins 3pk | Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall & Severus Snape 3pk | Harry Potter, Ron Weasley & Hermione Granger Herbology 3pk

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