GRAIL MODS - Modular Display Case for Funko Pops in Acrylic Hard Stack Armor

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Design your own Funko Pop Grail Wall!

Grail Mods™ - Our modular design allows you to build a horizontal or vertical display that you can keep adding onto. Don't forget you can add more on top!

  • Fits: 4” PopShield Armor, 4” Pop Stacks, 4” Plastic Pop Protectors (We recommend Display Geek 0.50mm thick protectors).
  • Materials: High Quality EVA Foam Interior with a Matte Black Cardboard Exterior.
  • Design: Ultra Lightweight. No Patterns. No Logos on front. Just Flat Black and Clean. It is not about us, it is about your collection.
  • Assembly: No Assembly required. Just attach to the wall, put in the back insert, and display your favorite grails.
  • Dimensions: 8.25"H x 12.5"W x 4"D
  • Hardware Included per box: 12 Screws, 12 Anchors, 6 Extra Foam Inserts (per box) for your Plastic Pop Protectors to elevate your display to match the acrylics.
  • Shipping: Displays are Pre-Packed 3 per box. We cannot break these up individually due to shipping costs.
  • Recommendation: 4 Screws per Display Case. Anchors are not needed unless you are putting a ton of extra weight on top of the display.
  • Not Recommended: Command Strips. Use at your own risk. Always allow at least 24 hours for Strips to cure and hold before adding weight. 

Display Geek Exclusive: GRAIL MODS Pop Series

  • GRAIL: A Vaulted or Rare Funko Pop Vinyl Figure or Your Favorite One.
  • MOD: Modular Design that adapts to your collection.
  • Pop Series: Created specifically to fit Funko POP! Vinyl Figures in Protective Acrylic and Plastic Cases.
  • These were invented, made and shipped by Display Geek, Inc.

How many can it hold?
(Please take a look at the photos)

  • 3 Displays are shipped in 1 box. They can hold 6 inside and 6 to 12 on top. Depending on your setup, they can hold a grand total of 18 PopShield Armor.
  • 6 Displays are shipped in 2 boxes. They can hold 12 inside and 12 to 24 on top. Depending on your setup, they can hold a grand total of 36 PopShield Armor.
  • 9 Displays are shipped in 3 boxes. They can hold 18 inside and 18 to 36 on top. Depending on your setup, they can hold a grand total of 54 PopShield Armor.
  • 12 Displays are shipped in 4 boxes. They can hold 24 inside and 24 to 48 on top. Depending on your setup, they can hold a grand total of 72 PopShield Armor.

"In a world full of common collections, be uncommon"

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