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best funko pop display case shelf shelves vaulted vinyl grail collectionbest funko pop display case shelf shelves vaulted vinyl grail collection
The Original Creator of

Display Cases
for Funko Pops

Addicted to Pops? Running out of room?
best funko pop protector protectors 50mm uv scratch resistance vaulted vinyl grail armor shieldbest funko pop protector protectors 50mm uv scratch resistance vaulted vinyl grail armor shield
Best protectors on the market

Over 160+
0.50mm thick

Many of which are UV & Scratch Resistant

You don't have a problem, you have a collection.

The BEST selection of Display Cases & 0.50mm Thick Pop Protectors for your growing Funko Pop Collection


The Most Popular and Original Creator of display cases for your Funko Pop Collection. (Established in 2015)

Testimonials for Displays


Cardboard? Yes, but sturdy enough for my Funko Pops. I own 10 of these units and do not regret a single one.


Seriously, this is the best display system out there. The owner is also such a genuinely good guy that does so much for charities.

Josh French

Saved my marriage. These displays made everything neat. Now the wife is happy. Awesome product!


I just received 3 shelves from you and they are the BEST Pop shelves I have EVER received. Very easy construction.


So easy a stoner can do it.


Hands down the best display system for Pops. The only downside is that it looks so nice that it has encouraged my Pop addiction so I need to get more display cases to hold them all. lol

Eric Jourgensen

THESE DISPLAY CASES ARE GREAT! It’s great to finally meet you, I absolutely love your displays. I am going to need more.

Comic Book Men & A Shared Universe Podcast

Love the uniform look it creates for your collection. They’re super customizable and work for any collector. I love the ease of being able to pull and move around Pop!s anytime. Plus, the owner is incredible. We wouldn’t choose any other display option!


My husband and I absolutely love these shelves!! They look amazing!!



The Best Protectors on the market. Over 160 sizes at 0.50mm thick! Many of which are UV and scratch resistant.

Testimonials for Protectors


These are the best protectors on the market. Stop buying everyone else's crap. Stop looking to save 5 cents and just get the best protectors from one of the most trustworthy businesses in the pop game!


I can literally search for any pop and find a protector for it! Thank you so much for the filter feature!

James S.

The best pop protectors on the market. Period. Good price, incredible quality.


Hands down the best soft protectors in the game. Crisp corners, flat lids, UV and scratch protection.


My go to pop protector. Affordable, reliable, and ships fast!


Best deal/price and quality compare to others. Not sure but these were the only heavy duty protector for 10" pop I could find on the internet.



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