Partner Program

Want to partner up and sell to our large niche audience?


Display Geek was created in 2015 as a side project because the founder ran out of room for his own Funko collection. Since then we have grown to be the best known display case company in the Funko community. We have been expanding into other collectibles such as FiGPiN, Pez, Action Figures and Designer Toys. Our whole business model is reputation over money, so we always partner up with companies we respect and who we know will hold those same values.


We can add your products to our website and the orders are sent to you automatically. We can help you grow your audience and your sales using our reputation and following! There is no need for competition when we can work together to achieve a shared goal. BOTH of us can succeed together. The way we look at this is like any other online marketplace (Examples: Amazon, Etsy, eBay) but ours is much more hyper targeted to our shared niche market.

Currently we have 5 companies already participating. Two of them are already TOP SELLERS after only a few months! We plan on pushing more marketing into these over time and keeping the momentum going. We are increasing our Google Ads all the time to drive more traffic to these pages.

We have been building our company over the last decade and I can honestly say without a doubt we are one of the TOP most trusted businesses in the community. You will never see anyone bad mouth our company which is a near impossible accomplishment.

Full list of Partners
Some examples of products: Kollector Protector | MK Kubbies | C3 Shelves

OUR STATS (from 2020)

Website Traffic Analytics - Yearly Average

  • 200,000 Sessions
  • 135,000 New Users 
  • 550,000 Total Page Views

Email List - 8 years of list building

  • Very large audience
  • 50%-70% Open Rate (Average is 18% to 21%)
  • 2.5%-3.0% Click Rate (Average is 2%)

Social Media

  • 330,000 Pinterest Monthly Views
  • 28,500 Instagram Followers
  • 4,100 Facebook Likes
  • 5,300 Facebook Followers
  • 1,800 Pinterest Followers
  • 1,350 Twitter Followers


  • (FREE) Display Geek can set it up in minutes.
  • (FREE) You would have your own personal page to track and see everything. Full transparency, no tricks.
  • (FREE) You receive an email once a day with all your Open Orders.
  • (OUR %) We collect our Percentage of the Sale + Shopify Fees 2.6% + 30¢
  • (YOUR %) You cover everything else. Packing. Shipping. Boxes. Labels. Etc. The things you are already doing.
  • (YOUR %) We pay you on the 1st of every month via PayPal for the previous month.


  • We can add anything you sell to our website and use our niche audience to promote and sell your products.
  • You set the price. (We have Free Shipping site wide so this may need some planning)
  • When an item sells, we would keep a percentage. Sale + Fees (xx%).
  • You will receive an email for all your Open Orders.
  • All orders will be listed with full details, shipping information, what it sold for, and a field for you to input a Tracking Number.
  • Please get all orders out within 48 hours and be available if any customer service issues occur. We will forward them to you if we can’t easily answer them ourselves.
  • Once you pack and ship the order, please add the tracking number and it will automatically send that information the next morning to the customer and mark the item as fulfilled in our system. 
  • We would pay out your share on the 1st of the month via PayPal. There are no secrets, all of the pricing and totals would be available for download at any time from your own personal page. We are planning to automate this with accounting as well in the future.


We add your products to our site. When item sells you get an email with all info. Pack and ship orders like you normally do. Put in tracking number. We pay you on the 1st of every month. Easy Peazy! We will take care of getting the word out!

Hopefully RIGHT AWAY, but these things take time like any small business growth. Some days are great some are dead. We have 3 partners who get one here one there, and 2 partners that sell A LOT on a daily basis. Over time I think they will all grow year over year as we improve our marketing plans.

Meh, those days are over for us. The biggest companies in the world all sell EVERYONE'S products including their own. We can be a gateway for the community with everything they need. I think we can work together to build something that works for us both. Honestly, if we are selling more of your products than our own private label products... I call that a VICTORY for us both. I hope that happens and we now work for you lol. That would be an incredible success in my eyes. As long as we both grow and can feed our families, I don't care how we get there.

AGREEMENT (by joining, we both agree to the following Terms and Conditions)

1) Both parties will agree on a percentage. If that ever needs to be changed, both parties must agree to the change.

2) Please ship all orders in a timely manner in mint condition and plug in the tracking number as soon as possible. We have a reputation of shipping in under 24-48 hours, but we can add a longer amount in the description like we have done for other companies.

3) We will not update any pricing or fees without your permission.

4) We do not claim to own your products and any unauthorized selling by us can terminate this agreement.

5) Please keep us up to date on all available inventory and cost changes so we do not have any issues.

6) Display Geek or YOU can terminate this partnership at any time for any reason.


We are SUPER EXCITED to have you on board! This is going to be an awesome partnership!

- Sean, President & Founder of Display Geek, Inc.