Due to covid, there have been massive increases in manufacturing & shipping costs across all industries. We are very sorry for that :-( We will continue to look for solutions. Small businesses are being hurt the most.


Hello fellow geeks! We started a fundraiser!

I am looking for a grassroots investment into my company without the choke hold of large banks and loan sharks. Thank you all for your continued support as I continue to try and live my dream for many years to come.

We want to expand our business with major manufacturer changes, new products, wholesale expansion, new location, new events, and so much more!

With our followers on social media, if everyone gave $1 we could get more than halfway to my goal. :-) I understand times are tough and many of you may not be able to help, that is completely okay! Do what you can! We love you either way!

- Sean
President & Founder
Display Geek, Inc.


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