Who are we?

Display Geek, Inc. is a company created by a nerd to save humanity from clutter, because "stop collecting" is NOT an option. It was created to fill a void in the hearts of all toy collectors. Be the unlikely show-off and impress your friends.

How did you came up with Display Geek, Inc?

My collection of action figures, vinyl toys & memorabilia from the 80's & 90's had created a large problem: "I am running out of room for all of this stuff!" In 2014 I decided that I would find a way to efficiently move things from bookshelves, entertainment centers, tables, cabinets & floors, up in the air and out of the way while still showing them off. The largest addiction was with vinyl collectibles and an obsession with a little blue guy with an arm cannon. I built myself a prototype and decided the rest of the world needed to see this simple creation.

What motivated you to start this company?

I have been talking about starting my own thing for years! I got tired of working for other people and decided to run my own business. Take a good hard look at the owner of the company you work for. Are they smarter than you? Are they a harder worker than you? Are they more educated than you? Usually the answer is no, they are just regular people. The final motivation I needed came from Chris Hardwick's book "The Nerdist Way." Who better to motivate you to work hard and go for your dreams than him? He is EVERYWHERE... Stand up comedy, Talking Dead, Talk show host, Convention speaker & now he has created a concert/comedy tour. He is a beast and I think he may own a time machine.

What is next for Display Geek?

We plan on launching many new products: Backdrops for our shelves. New shelf sizes for Dorbz, Kidrobot, Amiibo's, Mystery Mini's, Key chains, Shopkins, Skylanders, Cute but Deadly, Tsum Tsum's, and much more. Protectors of all sizes. Deluxe super strength shelves. Stairs & bases for Pops. Some secret plans as well.

What is with the name Algae?

I was a World of Warcraft addict for about 5-6 years. I stopped playing around the time Cataclysm came out, but had a brief comeback for Legion. My main character was named Algaebraic. I do not have an explanation for that name, it was just a random name I came up with lol. Once I became main tank and was in charge of a guild, the team would call me Algae during raid chats. Some of them still have me in their cell phones as Name: Algae, Job Title: Main Tank.

Where can we meet you?

We try to make appearances at as many conventions as we can, at least as a customer. The conventions we have been to as an exhibitor are SuperToyCon in Las Vegas NV, NerdCon in Escondido CA & Free Comic Book Day. We also attend meetups & Pop Trades around San Diego, CA. I would like to attend more and more as we grow. We will announce it whenever we attend a convention. Look for me in my Display Geek T-Shirt and come say hello!