corporate america dropout and proud of it american dream is dead leaving the workforce

I am a Corporate America dropout

… and proud of it.

 I did everything I was supposed to do. I went to college and worked my way up the ladder. Here’s the data:

Age 16: Hamburger Shop - $12,480/yr

Age 17: Hoagie Shop - $15,600/yr

Age 18: Eyeglasses Lab - $18,720/yr

College: $100,000 in loans for a BA in Graphic Design

Age 19: Magazine Racks - $20,800/yr

Age 20: Warehouse Worker - $23,400/yr

Age 21: Laid off. Company loses biggest contract.  Graduate College. Job Search.

Age 22: Eyeglass Lab Supervisor - $26,000/yr

Age 23: Graphic Designer - $29,000/yr

Age 25: Web Designer - $35,000/yr

Age 28: Internet Specialist - $45,000/yr

Age 29: Quit and move to San Diego

Age 30: Web Developer - $60,000/yr

Age 32: Webmaster - $80,000/yr

Age 33: Start my own side business 

Age 34: Creative Director - $100,000/yr

Age 35: Fired for spending too much time on the side business. Become Full Time Business Owner. Have to pay myself.  Salary cut 60%. Business has a new burden and bleeds money. 

Age 37: Still growing. Automating. Planning. No turning back. 

What’s next?

Age 38: Travel. Location Independent. Passive Income. Partnerships. New Businesses. Remote Work.