Funko Pop Protector for Pop! Rides Luffy with Thousand Sunny CCXP 2022 Exclusive #114

Funko POP! Ride Luffy with Thousand Sunny CCXP #114 Pop Protector Size CONFIRMED!

Funko POP! Ride Luffy with Thousand Sunny CCXP #114 Pop Protector

The BEST Pop Protectors on the Market!

Display Geek Funko POP! Protectors are 0.50mm super thick Acid-Free PET safe & recyclable. Many of our protectors are UV and Scratch Resistant as well. New sizes are added monthly as we continue to be the BEST Resource for Pop Protectors in the world!


Funko changes box sizes almost weekly. Items that say Pop Town are not all the same. Some fit Movie Moments, Pop Moments, etc. Use Display Geek's Protector Guide Search and Fitting Guide in the description of each product to verify if your Funko Pop! will fit.

display geek funko pop protector for luffy with thousand sunny ccxp pop ride
Image created by Display Geek, Inc.​​


  • Agatha Harkness vs The Scarlet Witch (Pop Moment)
  • Argyle with Pizza Van (Rides)
  • Blacklight Valkyrie's Flight (Pop Rides)
  • Carl & Ellie with Balloon Cart (Pop Moment)
  • Dead Strange & Scarlet Witch (Pop Moment)
  • Demon Slayer Tanjiro vs Ryu (Pop Moment)
  • Eddie Guerrero with Low Rider (Pop Rides)
  • Goofy At The Dumbo The Flying Elephant Attraction (Pop Rides)
  • Harry Potter & Albus Dumbledore with The Mirror of Erised (Pop Moment)
  • Hollywood Tower Hotel and Mickey Mouse (Pop Town)
  • Hollywood Tower Hotel and Gold Mickey Mouse (Pop Town)
  • Jurassic Park Dr. Sattler with Triceratops (Pop Town)
  • Jurassic Park John Hammond with Gates (Pop Town)
  • Jurassic Park Muldoon Raptor Hunt (Pop Moment)
  • Jurassic Park Tim Murphy with Velociraptors (Pop Moment)
  • Kirk & Spock from the Wrath of Khan Target (Pop Moment)
  • Lilo & Stitch in Hammock (Pop Moment)
  • Loki & Sylvie (Pop Moment)
  • Luffy with Going Merry (Rides)
  • Luffy with Thousand Sunny (Rides)
  • Michael Myers with House (Pop Town)
  • Mickey Mouse at the Space Mountain Attraction (Pop Rides)
  • Smee with Skull Rock NYCC (Pop Town)
  • Space Mountain & Mickey Mouse (Pop Town)
  • Stitch in Rocket (Pop Rides)
  • The Batman Batmobile (Pop Rides)

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