Funko POP! Movie Posters Pop Protector Size CONFIRMED!

Funko POP! Movie Posters Pop Protector Size CONFIRMED by Display Geek

Funko POP! Movie Posters Pop Protector

The BEST Pop Protectors on the Market!

Display Geek Funko POP! Protectors are 0.50mm super thick Acid-Free PET safe & recyclable. Many of our protectors are UV and Scratch Resistant as well. New sizes are added monthly as we continue to be the BEST Resource for Pop Protectors in the world!


Funko changes box sizes almost weekly. Items that say Pop Town are not all the same. Some fit Movie Moments, Pop Moments, etc. Use Display Geek's Protector Guide Search and Fitting Guide in the description of each product to verify if your Funko Pop! will fit.

Funko POP! Movie Posters Pop Protector Size CONFIRMED!
Image created by Display Geek, Inc.​​

BOX SIZE: 17.25" Height x 11.5" Width x 5.75" Deep


  • Alice with Cheshire Cat #11 (Pop Movie Posters)
  • Cinderella with Jaq #12 (Pop Movie Posters)
  • Dorothy & Toto #10 (Pop Movie Posters)
  • Dumbo with Timothy #13 (Pop Movie Posters)
  • Fantasia - Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey with Broom #07 (Pop Movie Posters)
  • Jurassic Park - Tyrannosaurus Rex & Velociraptor #03 (Pop Movie Posters)
  • Pinocchio & Jiminy Cricket #08 (Pop Movie Posters)
  • Snow White & Woodland Creatures #09 (Pop Movie Posters)


  • Star Wars - Luke Skywalker with R2-D2 #02 (Pop Movie Posters)  17.25h x 11.25w x 6.75d

  • PLEASE READ: Please have a look at our other listings and read the fitting guide in the description before purchasing. If it is not listed in the description, do not purchase the item on a guess or assumption. Funko changes box sizes regularly. That is why we make sure to verify before we add them to the guide. Thank you.

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