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Funko BLOX - A Trip Down Memory Lane

Time for another trip down memory lane with our favorite toy company, FUNKO!


BLOX "Vinyl with an Edge"


In 2011 Funko released a very interesting toy line known as BLOX Vinyl figures. They were about 7 inches tall, boxy and 2D but pulled into the 3rd dimension. (You have to look at the designs to understand) A little heavier than POPs and bulky but they stand up on two feet and look really great out of the box!


The characters that were actually produced are: Cereal Monsters, Disney, DC, Mars Attacks, Star Wars, KISS, The Simpsons, and Ugly Dolls. 


I personally LOVE the BLOX line and have about 10 of them. I always wanted to get the cereal monsters, especially the metallic set! The Mars Attacks martian is by far my favorite one.

funko blox custom pop vinyl display geek


NEVER RELEASED - Superman and Green Lantern - They are on the back of the Batman and Joker box.

funko blox green lantern
funko blox superman

NEVER RELEASED - Donald Duck - One mini set has Donald Duck but he was never released in full size.

funko blox donald duck never released in full size

NEVER RELEASED - Original Sulley - There are two Sulley SDCC exclusives but the classic blue was never released.

funko blox sulley blue purple original never released

NEVER RELEASED - Mini Homer and Krusty are in the 2012 Funko Catalog.

funko blox mini simpsons homer krusty 2 pack never released


Unfortunately this product line was discontinued when the Funko POP line started to really pick up steam. I think they just put their focus on what was working, which makes sense. Sad for us, but clearly the right move. 


Below are links to as many as we can find. They may not always be available as they become more scarce but they always pop up at some point!

Click the links below to buy on eBay

General Mills Cereal Monsters: 
Boo Berry Blox ( Click Here
Boo Berry Blox Metallic SDCC 2011 ( Click Here
Count Chocula Blox ( Click Here
Count Chocula Blox Metallic SDCC 2011 ( Click Here
Franken Berry Blox ( Click Here
Franken Berry Blox Metallic SDCC 2011 ( Click Here )

Mickey Mouse Blox Red Pants ( Click Here )
Mickey Mouse Blox Blue Pants SDCC 2012 ( Click Here )
Donald Duck Blox ( NEVER RELEASED )
Sulley Blox Green & Orange SDCC 2012 Color Studies ( Click Here )
Sulley Blox Orange & Pink SDCC 2012 Color Studies ( Click Here )
Sulley Blox Blue & Purple ( NEVER RELEASED )
Maleficent Blox ( Click Here )
Buzz Lightyear Blox ( Click Here )
Emperor Zurg Blox ( Click Here )

DC Comics:
Batman Blox ( Click Here )
Batman Blox Metallic SDCC 2011 ( Click Here )
The Joker Blox ( Click Here )
Superman Blox ( NEVER RELEASED )
Green Lantern Blox ( NEVER RELEASED )

Mars Attacks:
Martian Blox ( Click Here )

Star Wars:
Boba Fett Blox ( Click Here )
Darth Vader Blox ( Click Here )
Stormtrooper Blox ( Click Here )

The Demon Gene Simmons Blox ( Click Here )

The Simpsons:
Homer Simpson Blox ( Click Here )
Krusty the Clown Blox ( Click Here )

Ugly Dolls:
Ox Blox ( Click Here )
Ox Blox Gradient SDCC 2012 ( Click Here )
Big Toe Blox ( Click Here )
Ice-Bat Blox ( Click Here )
Ice-Bat Blox Gradient SDCC 2012 ( Click Here )
Ugly Charlie Blox ( Click Here )
Ugly Charlie Blox Gradient SDCC 2012 ( Click Here )
Wage Blox ( Click Here )
Ninja Batty Shogun Blox ( Click Here )

Mini 2 Packs:
Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Blox Minis 2 pack ( Click Here )
Batman and The Joker Blox Minis 2 pack ( Click Here )
Homer and Krusty Blox Minis 2 pack ( NEVER RELEASED )

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