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Display Case Giveaway (June 19, 2022)

We did a Funko Display Case Giveaway on Instagram asking the famous question,


Here are the answers we received:

My favorite Funko pop is social media Friday because I was able to get a sign by the whole fun cast crew

nejire is my fav funko; she looks so cool in the anime and her figure displays her image very well

Original SpongeBob , my favorite because I've collected SpongeBob things when I was younger and that time in my life have my favorite and greatest memories and now that I continue to collect today every time I look at that pop it bring a tremendous amount of nostalgia and happiness to me

Jackie Robinson pop because he is such a role model and has such an amazing impact on my favorite sport.

My favorite has to be the JAWS movie moment pop of the shark eating quinn. That's such a classic movie moment in cinema history and the pop fully captures the dread of that scene, you of course have the shark and quinn, but you get the boat and the water. Truly a must own for fans.

Carl and Ellie from Up! SDCC set because I love that movie

Spike! Big Cowboy Bebop fan!

4 pack Justice League because you don't see them that often and they look really sweet together:)

The common Jason Friday the 13th pop. It was my 1st that started me on my funko pop collecting journey.

My favorite Funko Pop is Wonder Woman because she symbolize the womanhood of being responsible, compassionate, caring and protector from injustice in all forms

Metallic Hulk because its so unique and rare and hulk is such an underrated character

Favorite Pop? Tina Belcher riding a unicorn. It's from my favorite show, has my favorite morning beverage, and has my favorite mythical creature what's not to like?!

Bank Robber Joker 2pk cause Heath Ledger is a LEGEND & it's soooo cool!!!!

Hey displaygeek! I really like my Funkon Cosmic Galactus w/ Silver Surfer! The mold same as the other Galactus molds, but the way they did painted it is so clean and truly cosmic. This pop is definitely one of the coolest pops I've ever seen. I was really lucky get a lottery slot and be able to get one of these being a limited items. Even though it takes up a lot of space I still knew I wanted it.

My favorite Pop is the one my wife @dannycofer24 did of me, she made a personal pop of me from scratch, for Christmas this past year.

My favorite pop in my collection would be my signed Cayde-6 pop by Nathan Fillion from the Destiny franchise. Overall, my dream pop would be the Japan exclusive Spider-man from the Amazing Spider-man movie.

I would have to say my Queen Deluxe Album pop, which your protector fits perfectly. The reason being was whether we were going to the Tampa Bay Mall every Saturday for trading card collecting, on our way to Tropicana Field for the game, or even on our way to go fishing, my dad would always blast Queen with those Freddie vocals (Bohemian Rhapsody) because it made him feel as though after moving from Puerto Rico to Florida that he was living the American Dream. Although his English was very limited, the music himself made him feel that he made it. Shout out to all the Fathers out there. Happy Father's day and shout out to displaygeek for the giveaway!

Tenya from MHA it was a gift from my little sister and it was one of main reasons I started collecting

Moonknight Walgreens exclusive!!!! Absolutely love anything from the comics,action figures,animated shows & recently on Disney + one of my favorite characters literally also ever since I started collecting pops i wanted that exact exclusive never thought I be able to aquire it but recently had a friend find that beautiful grail for me & haven't been happier

My favorite Funko Pops are My NY Mets Players & the Mascot Mr. Met! That is what got me collecting! I am a die hard Mets Fan. I saw a photo of it on Facebook & went I have to have it & was hooked!! Very hard to pick one!!!

Regan because it was the first pop I ever bought!

My favorite Pop! Would be the one that brought my relationship with my Dad full circle. As a child my Dad and I would stay up to watch WWF wrestling on Saturday Nights. We watched Hogan and Warrior and his favorite Jake the Snake. Flash forward some 30+ years, my father has Parkinsons and isn't able to travel, but I went to a comic con and got to meet Jake while getting an Autographed Chase Pop of Jake the Snake for My Dad. Jake even wrote a message to my Dad and took a picture for him. He keeps it by his bedside til this day. He always asks what new Pops I've got, but that one will always be our favorite. Happy Father's Day Dad!

My favorite Funko is Ragnar Lothbrok. It's my favorite because he's a Viking, like me

My Favorite funko pop would definitely have to be my Beta ray bill! My son's bought it for me When they started collecting comic books with me.It was OUR favorite character so they were excited when they found it at a garage sale... A couple weeks ago somebody broke into my workshop and stole Some of our funko pops and that 1 hurt the most. But it gives us a reason to go hunting for it again

Darth Vader has been my favorite since I was a kid and he was the first Funko pop that I was given as a bday gift from my brother and after that is what made me collect Funko pops

My favorite Funko will always be my Holographic Obi Wan Kenobi. MTFBWY

My favorite Funko is definitely the one I have of The Dude from The Big Lebowski. That movie got me through a lot of tough times and the Funko serves as a reminder that the grass is always greener

The Wong Funko from Endgame because Wong is the lord over us all

My favorite Funko pop would have to be "the beast" from the sandlot. Have been trying to find one for years. Reminds of growing up, playing ball and begin to become a collector.

Any of The Office ones. There's just so many varieties and I love the quotes on the inside of the boxes.

The Eren pop cause hes my fav and from my favorite anime

My favorite Funko is Ahsoka Tano, the holo glow. She's my favorite Star Wars Character & the glow on the her is

Shaggy because he is my favorite scooby doo character

Probaly the whole OG Simpsons line caise they are just made so awesome

displaygeek so it has to be bobblehead Buzz lightyear as he was my very first pop to get me hooked. 1160ish pops later I have an addiction and here we are today. I've always had a collective personality and each hobby has had great people in it but this community is different and I have met so many wonderful people and have learned so much! So shout out to Buzz to get me to infinity and beyond!

My favorite pop is the Marvel Infinity Saga 6pk pops. With all 6 Avengers are the colors of the Infinity stones. It was my first real big purchase. And my dream is to one day have all 6 signed by the actors that played them in the movies.

My favorite Funko is my Stan Lee from Iron man 1 because both him and that movie set my absolute favorite franchise in motion

Rocky balboa: specialty edition… my wife gave it to me as a gift (1st funko) 90 pops later I'm addicted

I have a lot of favourites but out of all of the ones I own I think the black light Spider-Man is my top favourite. It just looks really cool and looks awesome under black light.

Medusa cause I like mythology

Favorite is the OG Red Skull. It's my favorite Bc he is such an awesome marvel villain and it was the first ever grail I got!

OK, displaygeek my favorite Funko Pop! Is Freddy Funko As Doctor Strange not only how cool Freddy looks with that sorcer outfit but the character from Doctor Strange is my favorite @marvelstudios Super Hero.

My favourite funko pop: Backstreet Boys Pops! As soon as they are on the market, I've bought them all because I am a big fan since their beginning.

Gotta pick the OG Boba Fett cause hes the coolest star wars character

my favorite funko pop is the tmnt michaelangelo cuz he's my favorite turtle growing up. mikey could both fight and have fun at the same time.

displaygeek I met Scott hall back in 2019 and signed my chase razor Ramon and talked with him for a bit I hold that pop close to me since he passed and want to pass it down the family down the line

My most favorite pop is the pop in a box exclusive blue glitter mufasa! I love that pop so much because the way it looks it's amazing and beautiful and I can't believe how they Brought the ghost of dead mufasa into our hands lol and it looks amazing. Also is one of my favorite Disney original films

I feel my favorite Funko pop would have to be Freddy Funko as toxic Rick only cause it's from my all time fav show and and it's also a Freddy Funko best of both worlds

My favorite funko pop is Chip and Dale (Flocked) Summer Convention because I am an identical twin. We were always called chipmunks growing because of our cheeks. I love the show!

Favorite Funko Pop has got to be the OG Batman 01 as that is what got me started on my Funko journey

I have an Arlo dinosaur that was given to me by DreamWorks while I was on a press trip. It was for the film's opening

Favorite Funko POP is Cap holding Mjolnir!

Red Skull. A unique villan and hard to find.

All of them of course. And the reason is because Funko is Funkin' awesome.

I have all 7 Ahsoka pops and I love them all but if I have to chose a favorite, it's gotta be the holo one.

Winnie the Pooh splashing in the puddle

SSGSS Vegito and to put it simple as to why i would say it's because the show was awesome but when the movie came out all that intense fighting brought back memories of how awesome the show, the characters, and surprise moments it was. When they turned SSG that was crazy. But also makes it great is that I got it autographed by the voice actors Christopher Sabat and Sean Schemmel.

Venom on the throne is my current favorite but I think the lethal protecter venom once I get wh

My favorite funko pop is the carnage comic con 2021 because the pop itself is very cool looking and the details of it is insane

My favorite Funko is the new Boba Fett Celebration chase soda. The glow is one of the better glowing Funko products.

My favorite pop is my hero killer stain pop he looks so cool and is my favorite villain from my hero academia!!!

My all time favorite and continue to be my favorite Funko pop is Batman, my first Batman pop was the 1989 80th anniversary pop, also my fav. Batman movie and Batman suit.

My common green ranger funko pop because that was the first pop I ever bought!

Glow 100% deku!!!

The very first SDCC Conan because I won it through his contest. It's also the very first SDCC pop that I owned. Years later I actually went to his taping but never got the chance to have him sign it, would've been awesome if he signed it for me during his live taping!

Cheshire #35 the original!
He is my fav Disney character ever and this is his OG look. This was the very 1st pop I ever owned. I bought him retail at my very first SDCC! (Bonus, he is finally priced in Grail range like he deserves to be!)
Is that enough reasons Thx for the opportunity! I would absolutely love a display for my whole Alice set

My favorite Funko is my OG Steph Curry because I'm a huge golden state fan and he's my favorite player!

The super Saiyan Goku with kamehameha wave diamond collection hot topic exclusive. I love it because it is the only one that I have that is glittery and it was the first funko pop I got.

My favorite Funko is probably my custom one that @daisean_wilson made for me when he went to the Funko Hollywood Store. It really shows how much of a friend he is to me and it makes me feel super loved.

The Funko Pop Proto of the baby dragon from Game Of Thrones that I won from the Funko Photo A Day Challenge is my favorite Funko Pop but not just because it's a Proto. Me and my mom would watch the show together, it was the only show that we did that for. She passed away two and a half years ago. I have the Pop next to the chair I watch TV and it reminds me of that time we spent watching that show. That is why it is my favorite Funko Pop.

GITD Groot, because it was my first Pop

My Favorite Funko Pop is Gelatinous Cube, having played Dungeons and Dragons, these were always a favorite to fight as a wizard.

Woody (Toy Story)
"The thing that makes Woody special is he'll never give up on you, ever. He'll be there for you, no matter what."
Woody is a smart, determined, and passionate man, and would do anything for his nearest and dearest friends. He considers his friends as family and he tries his best to keep them together at all times. Yet, he is a flawed character.

Batman (FunkoPop) all time Favourite doesn't have any superpowers, all he has is his wits, body and will. He has dedicated his entire life to fighting crime. Batman allows humanity itself to become extraordinary. His 'powers' are something that is completely within the realm of possibility - physical discipline, mixed martial arts, swordsmanship, and intellect are just a few of the skills he uses to combat his enemies. His training in martial arts, and his mastery in different styles like Muay Tai, Judo, Taekwondo makes him a superhero.

Mrs. Weasley and the Burrow

My favorite Pop is my Rocket Raccoon proto that I won at FunKon last year!

My favorite pop is Goofy. I grew up watching Disney cartoon and can't get enough of him. I even got a tattoo. It's forever with me

R2D2, as it was my 1st

My favorite funko pop is my 10 inch rainbow troll because it reminds me of childhood.

Aladdin is my favorite He's selfless, kind, funny, adventurous, He's a thief with a heart of gold, his loyalty is one of his best traits. When he promises something, he doesn't go back on it. Example: his promise to free Genie. Even when he risks out on losing a chance to be with Jasmine, he frees Genie anyway, because that was what he promised, and because he knows how important freedom is to Genie.

Signed Raphael TMNT, ordered directly from Kevin Eastman, and came with a personalized note. As a comic collector decades back, I have some very early TMNT issues, so it has a real connection to my past.

One of my favorite pops that I personally own is my MHA Dabi,. Got it when it released had no idea how lucky I was to have got it at the time but I'm so happy that I did whenever I see it up one my wall,.

My favorite funko is a glow chase venom with wings. I got it the 1st time I order it from pop in a box. I still am surprise I got it @bespinoza66

Fav is probably my Dr Strange Freddy.

Favorite Funko - Spider-Man from the Animated series - The cartoon is what started my fandom of all things Spider-Man.

My Crystal Ship!! First one I geared myself up to pay for it but have ZERO regrets!

My favourite Funko POP has to be the Obelisk the Tormentor! It's so menacing! Standing there with its 4000 ATK and DEF points. Most of the Yugioh giang pop line is so accurate detail wise to the charaxter too?

Genie Funko Pop When First time saw that on VHS and was totally Loved Genie and those time funko wasnt available and reason why I loved is its incredibly loyal to those who are loyal to him. Although he's not really supposed to, he bends the rules numerous times for Aladdin, allowing him to get away with wishes that aren't wishes, and nods that aren't really asks.Unlike what one would expect from an all-magical genie, Genie of the Lamp has a very happy, fun-loving character and is rarely seen without a big smile on his face. He often likes to crack jokes, in his impersonations or other forms, and does this in serious conversations to help ease any tension.

Got lucky a few days ago when I received the die cast Darth Vader Chase! He's so awesome!!

Pickett from Fantastic Beasts is my favorite Funko. He is freaking adorable!

my favorite Funko Pop is Slifer The Sky Dragon! I love Yu-Gi-Oh! and they always hit it out of the park with the Pops, but Slifer is by far the coolest looking Pop as well as my favorite God Card!

Inuyasha my favorite.
Grew up with the anime and love the character of protecting those that he cares about.

My favorite pop is my Jurassic World "BLUE" figure! I feel in love with her in the movies and have since claimed her as my spirit animal. Whenever I look at her all my worries and stress melt away and I imagine what it be like to have been born a Velociraptor🤔😂 She's beauty, she's grace, she'll probably eat your face!!

My WWE AJ Styles, my very first Funko pop. I've been watching him since Impact Wrestling and when he showed up at Royal Rumble, I jumped out of my seat. So when his pop came out I had to grad it. He is one of the best and toughest wrestlers in the company.

The Blue Spirit from ATLA! Zuko is my favorite fictional character and to see that mask in Funko form was better than I imagined it would be and it is the only chase I have waited in line for and got at Hot Topic

My favorite Pop is the Linkin Park Hybrid Theory Pop! LP is my favorite band of all time and HT has had such an impact on my life and got me through so much. And the iconic Street Soldier translated so well to Pop form IMO. RIP Chester! #makechesterproud

displaygeek Deadpool is my favorite pop. I can relate to the smart mouth and being an asshole at the same time lol

My favorite Funko Pop would be my demon slayer just because my son bought it for me and he's really into that shell and he was so happy to give it to me

My Flocked Remy or The Swedish Chef. Because I'm a chef and my chef collection is the pride and joy of my entire collection and on display my restaurant.

I have a few favorites, but I'll go with my 2012 Comic-con excl Sheldon Copper Hawkman because this was one of my first con exclusives to own. No lines or anything chaotic to deal with at the time.

My favorite funko pop is the metallic freddy funko genie from their mystery box a few years back! I was one of the few that got one

My favorite pop is definitely my Cortana pop from halo! One of my favorite characters growing up with a little bit of rarity to her.

My favorite pop is the dragon ball z Goku hot topic exclusive which my brother gave me and that's how I started collecting Funko pops

My Favourite Funko Pop is Superman Which was Given To me by my Grandfather when it was launched and he knew it I love that superman pop he managed to get it any how from ordering it and gifted me on my birthday with some cash to spend on what I love to have on anything else.. I Miss him he is no more. And I still kept that money and funko pop with in that protector that's my valuable one in terms of my grandpa touch and his love for me..

the Demogorgon from Stranger Things. literally in my top 3 fav shows. I remember seeing this when it first started (ya know, a billion years ago) thinking it'd be lame and knowing NOTHING about it, only to binge the entire first season in one night and fell in love. no special story for it

Godzilla pops hands down! 🙌 I grew up watching old Godzilla movies, he wasn't terrifying to me as a kind. Instead he got me all excited and into sci-fi movies! Watching his movies always got me happy and almost 20 years later, I'm still crazy for Godzilla!!

Mine are two pops, Naruto on Gamakichi and the Alluka chase. My wife waited in the cold to buy them as a surprise Christmas gift last year. More sentimental attachment for tolerating me collecting lol.

Freddy Funko, he's been my favorite since I started collecting! It's what got me into it!

He-Man is My all time Favourite Cartoon Since School time so Collecting passion started in childhood, since that time used to Keep them totally packed and always and Now Funko Pop too beside action figures is totally incredibly fun and rewarding hobby. It can make you feel like a kid again. It can help you celebrate your love for your favorite movie, comic book or TV Shows.

My favourite is Pikachu diamond. It does remind me my discovery of Pokemon long ago and how I was fascinated by becoming a trainer.

My favorite funko pop is my luchador Fluffy funko pop. While I was in class I was on my phone and saw that Fluffy guy was coming to a signing event nearby my town. Realizing I didn't have a Fluffy pop I quickly scrambled around nearby shops to find one since online options were gonna ship the pop later than the signing event. I eventually found a luchador Fluffy funko pop and paid quite a hefty price for it since the seller knew Fluffy was coming for the event. When the day came, it was my first signing event, I waited for 4 hours and finally got my pop signed and took a picture with Fluffy guy. It was definitely one of the most coolest events in my life, it was definitely worth the experience all thanks to the luchador Fluffy funko pop

All might weakened because he is the best

My favorite Funko Pop is Lion-O from Thundercats. As a kid, Thundercats was my favorite cartoon. Last year I got to meet @kenneyvoice and got the pop signed by him. A moment, I'll never forget.

My favorite Funko Pop is my first funko, a gift from my son. It's Jack Skellington (15), love at first sight!! This was the beginning of my Collection

My Favorite Funko Pop Is #11 Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) Which was Gift to me by my Son as he knows I do collects pops for long time so saved every penny to gift me that as birthday gift so that's really valuable to me and love attached in that always close to my heart as given to me by my son.

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