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Display Case Giveaway (July 10, 2022)

We did a Funko Display Case Giveaway on Twitter asking the famous question,


The results were:
120 Inbox
25 Out of Box
35 for Both

Here are some of the answers we received:

Chuck Laird
I started out as an Out of Box collector when I only had a couple of Pops. As I purchased more I migrated to an In Box collector mainly for storage. I will now rotate what items I keep on display Out of Box and which are stored. A few high value Pops I keep on display In Box.

In box cuz having them (and other toylines) displayed in box looks like you're at a toy store that has everything you want. So it feels like that excitement you get when you've stumbled across that item you've been searching for. Plus, you can stack them if you're short on space.

The Ordinary Houdini
This display case is amazing! I'm both! Love seeing all the great details on the POPs (never understood why some say they're all the same, just different paint jobs), but I do love the box art and the uniformity when displaying in-box POPs together too! Why not both, you know?!

David Chait
Personally, I keep everything in-box. But I admit if I wasn't ever looking to resell, I'd do out of box, it looks cool, and the GITD/BL ones would show up better (with BL LED strips...).

I’m new to collecting and can’t decide. Right now it’s both. I have a few out, and others I keep in box for sentimental reasons, (given to me for Father’s Day and I don’t want them to get damaged, etc.).

Out of box because I like to think “out of box.” It allows more space and flexibility in how (and where) I like to display my collections.

Debs Collection
In box simply because the box is a work of art that I love to look at and admire almost as much as the pop itself. Nothing like getting a minty fresh box 🤤🤤

dLpLow / itzhiss / D Love
In box!!! Like seriously man !!! In box is the best box yo!

Andrew Bowers
In box for me. It is more than just the pop in the box. The artwork on the box itself is worth displaying. Being able to tell how limited a pop is makes it worth keeping in the box as well. Plus it helps keep the value of your collection high. So many reason to stay in the box!

Tracy James
So far it’s been in the box most definitely! But it would be awesome to get BOTH types of displays if I happen to be feeling saucy and purchase a … wait for it … duplicate Funko! 😏❤️🤞😁

Rose of Pop!s
Both!!! Sometimes in box is better especially for memories, something special, or if it is signed. But out of box I truly get to appreciate the details and beauty of each of the figures!

Mike Andrew Garza
I do both! I love seeing my pops in their original boxes but at the same time I love seeing how cool and detailed they look outside! I have them displayed both ways and they look amazing!

Definitely in box Always have them in the box I’ve never opened one or even taken them out.

I like to take my figures out of the box I buy them at and bring them into my box on wheels, drive to the box I live in, take them out of the box they came in and put them on a shelf in the box I work in. Long story short, I'll box anyone 🥊 #shelfnerd #displaysunite #geekbox

Ally Nauer - TargaryenPuma
Inspired by Kate Bush and Stranger Things - To be read while singing: And if I only could, take them out of box - And I’d get them to replicate in them. I’m stacking the POPs. They’re staying in box. Let’s find the best way to display them. But if I only could…

Ben Feldman
In box until I get some sweet Display Geek shelves and then those babies are being displayed open and proud!

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