Display Case Giveaway (August 14, 2022)

Display Case Giveaway (August 14, 2022)

We did a Funko Display Case Giveaway on Instagram asking the question,

How many Pops do you own and where are they?

Here are some of the answers we received:

Our funko collection on their app says 355 but I know that’s not even close to accurate so I’ll go with 400 and they are mostly in the display geek shelves on the walls !

Over 1000, I don’t know where they all are because I don’t have enough @displaygeek shelves and protectors

In my collection I have acquired around 200 pops! Which in fact I keep on shelves ( not @displaygeek I’m devastated to admit )

I have 1000+ and sadly the majority are in boxes in my basement.

337 Pops in 200+ boxes and totes. I ran out of space long long ago.

Oh man loaded question haha jk, I own about 379 pops and they are all in storage till I move to bigger house

I lost track 3000+ pop room bed room bathroom kitchen living room storage

2000+, and shoved into every possible corner of our house

i own over 100 different funko items its time to update my old shelf to a display geek shelf

700 pops and I have them up my butt!

Slimmed down to 665 , some on a shelf but mostly in bins for now

2041 pops and everywhere

I own roughly 300 some are on the walls some are on the nightstand some are in boxes in the closet and some are in storage

I'm gonna say around 1,000 and they're all over my condo, minus the bathrooms and they only visit the kitchen on occasion

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